Bespoke Accessories for Men

Bespoke Tailor in Hua Hin

Simply wearing an expensive suit is only part of what makes up a man’s image. Often, the small details are what actually makes the complete outfit, so check out some of our suggestions to make sure you have the right accessories to complement your new suit.

Invest in a Quality Watch – For the majority of men, a watch will be the only investment men will wear as a hand accessory. It is better to purchase one quality watch, that exemplifies your status, as opposed to a few cheaper watches that become interchangeable depending on your particular style that day. An expensive suit can be ruined if it is accompanied by a cheap watch, so choose a timepiece that us elegant.

Don’t Forget the Tie – While less common in more contemporary workplaces, the necktie still hold an important level of respect when it comes to adding gravitas to your image. Make sure you have a reasonable selection to avoid wear and tear, also, ensure you have a range of colours and styles that can work well in a variety of situations.

Wallet – Don’t be left feeling shy when you produce your wallet at a meeting, restaurant or bar. Your wallet holds your money, cards and various documents, so make sure you invest in a good quality wallet that also matches the image you are trying to present. Avoid allowing your wallet to become untidy, full of receipts and unneeded scraps of paper, as it makes your overall appearance look just as unkempt.

Belt – A fairly standard item, but one that often gets overlooked in terms of its ability to improve your image. Invest in a quality leather belt, and have a few options that can be changed, depending on the colour/style of your outfit.

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