Our approach to bespoke tailoring combines the best traditional methods, with a contemporary approach. We will start from scratch with our clients, discussing style options, fabric choices and patterns. Once the ideal combination has been identified, we take the measurements, noting each aspect of our client’s individual body shape, no detail should ever be considered too small.

From that point, our expert cutter will take over, and start the process where your chosen fabric becomes the suit that you desire. Following this, we invite our client for additional fittings, once again taking into consideration every aspect of the wearers shape and posture. The result is always worth the wait, as we take pride in seeing our client wear a suit that is unique to them.

Custom Tailor in Hua Hin

Fashion is about something that comes from within you


Defining Bespoke

Whether you are a connoisseur of bespoke tailoring or experiencing it for the first time, rest assured that you are in good hands with Tuxedo International Tailors.


All of our fabrics are sourced from the finest locations, thus ensuring their quality and integrity.


All our measurements are taken with care, and our fitters have a great eye for even the smallest of details.


With a wide range of fabrics available, and a great selection of accessories, you can feel confident in finding the right image.


To ensure your suit remains as well-fitting as the day you purchased it, we offer free alterations should you require them in the future.


We communicate each part of our bespoke process with our clients, thus ensuring that they are always informed and getting exactly what they desire.


We strive to ensure the quality of our work remains constant. We save all our clients measurements to ensure our clients can always order again.

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