Custom Tailor in Hua Hin

For Your Convenience

We welcome everyone to visit our store and experience our wonderful service. But, if you cannot make it to Hua Hin, we will happily take your measurements and send your items to anywhere in the world.

Maximize Your Image

We stand by the quality of our suits and shirts, not only as standalone products, but also as part of a carefully crafted image that enhances the appearance of the wearer and increases their self-image. Discover your potential today.

Custom Tailor in Hua Hin

Satisfaction Guaranteed

While we are confident in our ability to complete all items to the highest of standards, we are happy to provide as many fitting as needed to ensure satisfaction. Any future alterations can be made by simply visiting our shop again.

Quality Service

Our expert team will guide you through each step of the bespoke process. From fabric choice, accurate measurements, all the way to the final fittings. We will ensure every small detail is given top priority.

Unlimited Choice

At Tuxedo International Tailor we are proud of our wide range of fabric selection and remain confident that you will find the perfect combination of style, colour, and material for your desired garment.

Accessorize and Expand

After we have created your perfect suit and shirt, you will definitely want to experience our wide range of accessories and additional clothing items. Truly define your image with some small personalization and stand out from the crowd.

The Best Bespoke Tailoring Experience


Each client that visits Tuxedo International Tailor has a unique style. The act of creating a suit with us is one that blends tradition with modernity, and is crafted by expert cutters and tailors.

With a wide range of fabrics, ranging from those that are locally sourced, to exotic brand names using high quality wool, there will assuredly be a fabric that matches your budget and style. All our suits, regardless of the price, are made with the same passion, that is something we never compromise on.

It is essential that our clients know that Tuxedo International Tailor prides itself on using only the finest possible fabrics, that afford the wearer a suit that is strong and durable, yet also comfortable at the same time. Our customer service is vital, and we are happy to offer future alterations based on the changing physique of our client.

Custom Tailor in Hua Hin
Bespoke Tailor in Hua Hin


To complement our high-quality suits, we also excel in providing a wide range of cotton shirts

Our cotton shirts are crafted with care, using the customers desired pattern, with exquisite options available such as Egyptian and Oxford Cottons. Our stylist will ensure that the client is informed of which style matches with the occasion and suit that each shirt will be worn with.

From Idea to Reality

Our strict process allows us to bring the suit of your dreams into fruition.


We will work to identify the perfect combination of style and fabrics to match your idea.


We will meticulously take your measurements to ensure the best possible fit.


Our talented cutters will take great care in ensuring every detail is crafted to the exact meaurements taken.


No small detail is considered overkill as we make all necessary alterations till you are completely satisfied.

We Create the Finest Suits & Shirts

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